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Zeff is ready to add a whole new atmosphere to your home with its leather detail and phone stand.

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Vivandra™, fast, reliable, and secure delivery is always our priority.

The Mission

We offer products designed with simple and functional designs that are ready for everything and everyone, to be used for a lifetime. We carefully select our materials and design them to fit the needs and understandings of our growing community. While striving to improve every day, we align ourselves with our guiding North Star.
Together, we believe we can accomplish much with little.
Designed for living.


Let me tell you, this product is a game-changer! It seamlessly blends into the decor of my living room while offering unmatched functionality. Whether it's holding my coffee mug or snacks, it does the job perfectly. The quality is top-notch, and the delivery was swift and well-packaged. I can confidently say, this is a must-have.

David's R. / Florida

The product arrived in a short time without any issues. I really liked it. It's of high quality and packaged with care. Additionally, they sent a small gift. I thank the vivandra.

Jessica L. / New Jersey

When I first received this product, I couldn't believe how high quality it was! Not only did it add a modern touch to my living space, but its sturdy structure also stood out. It's now much more convenient to place my coffee cup or snacks. Its quality was truly top-notch, and the shipping speed was also quite good.

Olivia W. / New Jersey

It's truly high quality; you can buy it without hesitation. It was very carefully packaged. Thank you for the gift. It grips the couch well because of the felt bottom. The shipping was also quite fast. My dog ​​liked it very much too

Emily F. / Missouri

It looks great on the arm of the couch, I really liked it, I recommend it. It has a perfect design for putting tea or coffee on top. Thank you to the sending company. By the way, the shipping surprised me, it arrived very quickly, thanks to them too :) Also, thank you for the gift.

Isabella Y. / Seattle

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